WP7 – Regulatory Aspects

Work package seven will use the tools of political theory to conceptualise debates within liberal democracies on the adoption of different forms of regulation and public policy addressing fake news, digital platforms and geopolitical authoritarianism. It will analyse the EU public policy power struggle between different actors in order to define the best way to combat disinformation at the European level and analyse the impact upon communication professionals and journalistic practices of the emerging regulations adopted or in the process of adoption by EU member states and EU institutions. Furthermore the work package will involve European communication stakeholders (EU and national officials, MPs and MEPs, journalists, fact-checkers and foundations) involving them in the participant-led assessment of the research results to facilitate the dissemination of the research.

Work package leader


The European approach to online disinformation: geopolitical and regulatory dissonance

Authors: Andreu Casero-Ripollés, Jorge Tuñón and Luis Bouza-García

Project: RECLAIM

The COVID-19 health crisis and the invasion of Ukraine have placed disinformation in the focus of European policies. This article aims to analyze the emerging European policy on counter-disinformation practices and regulations. To this end the article examines developing European …

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Regulating Disinformation and Big Tech in the EU: A Research Agenda on the Institutional Strategies, Public Spheres and Analytical Challenges

Authors: Luis Bouza García and Alvaro Oleart

Project: RECLAIM

The growing influence of social media platforms, and the disinformation that circulates in them, has transformed the public spheres. How to deal with disinformation is an open normative, empirical and political question in contemporary democracies. This article, outlines an agenda on …

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